Willie’s Wine Bar

It’s true, I was loathe to try Willi’s Wine Bar, because the name is English and I’m all about discovering what’s French. But let’s start with the wine list: at last count, they had 250 wines representing all of France. That gets me in the door, now the question is, “Do I stay?”

Yes. Sitting at the long oak bar, sipping recommended wines is a pure pleasure, and I’m in luck. Lunch during the week includes a glass of wine with chef François Yon’s tagine d’agneau au Bourbonnais for 16 euros.

A bit of research, and I learn that Yon is known for quality ingredients and inventive combinations at good prices. Note to self: just because it doesn’t sound French, don’t discount it tout de suite.

To make up for lost time, I vow to return for dinner – where I can indulge in a salad of quail and spiced nectarines, roasted cod with aubergine marmalade, and chocolate mousse served in a terrine – for 36 euros.

Have you eaten at Willi’s?  How was your meal?

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