Travel Scholarships for French Students


Valentine’s Day is over, but here at Paris by Design, we‘re still sharing the love…of French culture, that is.

Each year, we give scholarships to students traveling to France!

Any K-12 student participating in an educational trip, language study, or home stay in France is eligible, and preference is given to Vermont residents with limited travel experience.

Applications are due June 1 for travel next fall and beyond. Details and application forms are available at .

Why? I grew up in a small town, and my family rarely traveled. A 6th grade French class opened my view of the world, introducing me to books, music, art, architecture, people and experiences I would never have found otherwise.

That discovery led me to live in France, and ultimately, it determined my work. Now I’m delighted to help young people discover my beloved second home.

If you know a student dreaming about going to France, please tell them about our annual travel scholarships.

Merci beaucoup for helping me spread the good word!

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