Terrasse Colbert at the Louvre

I don’t know how to explain the fact that there were only a dozen other people eating lunch outside at the Louvre’s Terrasse Colbert on a sunny day recently. Maybe it was because the cafeteria is fairly new, and the food limited.

But when even a mediocre baguette sandwich and tartelette citron come with a view of the Louvre Pyramid, and what you need after making your way through the largest museum in the world is a quiet sit-down, this little-known space is worth knowing about.

Unlike the cafés inside the Louvre, Terrasse Colbert, on the roof of the Richelieu wing, feels very much like a part of the museum. Seventeenth century sculptures line the edge of the terrasse. The view of the Pyramid, from one floor above, is fantastic.

Contemporary comforts are minimal: white umbrellas shield diners from the sun, and plastic designer chairs provide respite for tired feet. But the setting is extravagant — and far from the crowds, the quiet feels luxurious.

Hidden, suffused in sunlight, and steeped in history, Terrasse Colbert is a great place to take a break at the Louvre. Access is from the first floor of the Richelieu wing, near the escalator.

One thought on “Terrasse Colbert at the Louvre

  1. It’s a mystery to me, too, why more folks don’t enjoy this lovely little spot, but I suppose they are trying to maximize art-viewing time and planning meals elsewhere. The wonderful benefit of visiting Paris over and over again, is that you finally find the time to relax in these lesser-known idylls! The Paris “repeat offenders” are also in the right frame of mind, having already seen all the big sites, so that the new luxury is to stop and just soak in atmosphere :)

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