Costume Retrospective at Opéra Garnier

Theater goers and costume lovers, grab your heels and your long gloves, and grab a cab to the Opéra Garnier…in the daytime.

Two exhibits, one in the public space and one in the Opéra library, trace the evolution of this grand venue’s costumes and sets in “L’Etoffe de la Modernité.”

Jean Cocteau, Fernand Léger, Yves St Laurent, and Christian Lacroix are widely known for their contributions to painting and fashion. But their contributions to opera and ballet can best be described as groundbreaking.

In recent years, Yves St Laurent and Christian Lacroix elevated costuming to the level of haut couture. Early in the 20th century, painters employed new techniques and technologies to create sumptuous on-stage worlds for the works of Wagner, Verdi, and Saint-Saëns.

Since the late 1800s, the reputation of the Paris opera has made not just by the performers, but those who create the magical universes they inhabit. If you like looking behind the scenes, don’t miss it!

Until Sept 30