Nomiya – dining in the clouds

Imagine lunch on a Paris rooftop – a single room surrounded by four glass walls. You start with champagne and an amuse-bouche of caviar and kiwi. Three courses follow. Just beyond is the Eiffel Tower.

Nomiya is the city’s latest restaurant éphémère (temporary). It’s also one of the most intimate dining experiences in Paris. Twelve guests share a single white table in the clouds, on top of the contemporary art museum, Palais de Tokyo. The skybox was designed by French conceptual artist Laurent Grasso.

Chef Gilles Stassart turns market fresh ingredients into lunch (two hours, three courses, 60 euros) and dinner (three hours, four courses, 80 euros). He also offers cooking classes. Tours, which begin in a shaded terrace, are also available.

You can reserve for one person, or book the whole table. Make reservations on-line, one month in advance. Seats become available at 10 am, Paris time.