Heeza for Flipbooks

Paris bookstores specialize in art, architecture, travel, music, theater…and now flipbooks (folioscopes or feuilletoscopes, in French). Heeza carries hundreds, published in France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, and the Americas.

Subjects range from dance, birth, love, and nature to magic and architecture (my husband never tires of the building of the Eiffel Tower) – and more. They also carry optical and mechanical toys, 3D, comic books, and books and DVDs about film history.

Paris souvenirs abound, from a flipbook of people gathering around the Louvre Pyramid to a stereoscope of the Eiffel Tower.

The tiny store is all but hidden behind a large door at the end of a courtyard on the busy ave de la République. Open T-F, 2-8pm, and every other Saturday and Monday. Call or email to get the door code before you go. You can also order on-line – but it’s so much fun to experience the place itself.

Reopens from summer vacation on Aug 24.

9, ave de la République, 11th, M: République, tel: 09 50 59 01 37

Eiffel Tower Expands its Virtual Presence

eiffel_towerThe Eiffel Twer isn’at just the most visited spot in Paris. It’s also a rapidly growing on-line presence.

The expanded website provides news (the tower is undergoing its 19th repainting, and the West elevator is closed); interactive videos of Paris as seen from the tower; and a 3D virtual visit of the tower.

The site also allows you to send free e-post cards and download an Eiffel Tower screen saver.

And if you wish you had bought snowglobes, paper weights, or an Eiffel Tower mug or lamp when you were there, fret no more. All of these and more are available from the official boutique website.

By the end of the year, you’ll be able to buy your tickets to the tower at the site, and avoid waiting in the long ticket lines.