La Maison du Cerf-Volant in the 12th

There’s more to being a kid in Paris than parks and croque-monsieurs. My latest child-friendly find is La Maison du Cerf-Volant, a 12th arrondissement corner shop full of colorful kites.

Single string kites, or monofils are great for beginning flyers and the under-7 set. Their easy-to-fly diamond shapes come in fun animal incarnations—butterfly, octopus, parakeet, panda, ladybug, birds of paradise, fairies, even a frog whose spindly purple legs serve as tails. Flat and weighing next to nothing, they’re packable as well as fun. And at 11-16€, they’re also affordable.

Young flyers with a bit of experience will like the cerf-volant de poche, or pocket kite. Lightweight multicolored baffles catch the wind, and a red tail stabilizes it. As the name suggests, you can take it anywhere.

Two-string Delta stunt kites require a bit of practice; almost a meter in length, their size limits them to taller/older kids.

Feeling sportif? The shop also carries traction kites, buggies and boards for teens and adults (think kite-surfing and kite-boarding), though admittedly, it’s hard to tuck a buggy into your carry-on.

What’s your favorite type of kite?