Montreal Cinemania French Film Festival


Cinemania Film Festival—one of the largest French film festivals in the world—will take place in Montreal Nov 2-12. It’s a fabulous festival, and if you love French film, I highly recommend it. You can see last year’s programming here.

If you’re interested in attending this year’s festival with a small group of film lovers and film scholars, Rick Winston and Andrea Serota (formerly of the Savoy Theater & Green Mountain Film Festival), and I will lead 4 days of film, food and conversation at Cinemania, Nov 2-5.

We would love to have you join us!

We’ll see 6 films together, discuss the films in depth, and meet privately with Montreal film critic Matthew Hays.

Rick and Andrea will host a session on the wide-ranging influence of French film on world cinema, as well as daily pre- and post-film conversations.

All films are subtitled in English, and discussions are in English, though speaking French is an advantage.

Price (discounted until Sept 12 for readers of this blog) includes 6 film tickets, including the opening night gala, 2 dinners, and 4 days of stimulating viewing and conversation.

Read details and a download a registration form here.

Questions? You can reach me at 802 446-8770, or email.

Bon cinéma!