Jacques Génin Chocolate

There is chocolate – and then there is Chocolate, with nuanced flavors, delicate exteriors, and mouthwatering presentation. Jacques Génin, off the beaten path in the Haut Marais, makes Chocolate.

The shop, with vaulted ceilings, stone walls, and long, low, glass display cases, reminds me of a jewelry store. The cases contain meticulously crafted, gleaming ganaches. Flavors are refined and subtle, with sweet and savory equally accounted for: Chinese teas, Tonka beans, raspberry, cinammon, Espelette pepper, violet, basil, ginger, vanilla from Tahiti. Tucked into slim, silver metal cases, they make elegant gifts.

In the spacious boutique, tones are hushed, even when the place is packed on Sunday afternoon, and a line forms for a table in the café. Exquisitely flavored ganache is not your only choice here – add the address to your list of places that serve a wonderful chocolat chaud.

Jean-Charles Rochoux Chocolates

Jean-Charles Rochoux chocolates are part curiosity, part art, all indulgence. Solid chocolate sculptures, created in copper pots in Rochoux’s tidy atelier beneath the store, range from perfectly formed crocodiles to perfectly formed male torsos (complete with rippling abs).

And then there are the chocolate bars, filled with praline and caramel, great for gift giving or munching when energy dips mid-afternoon. Don’t miss the delicious squares made from ganache: welcome to the divine intersection of chocolate and cream.

Saturdays are a special treat, as M Rochoux transforms fresh fruit into chocolate confection perfection. The story goes that a customer presented him with chocolate covered fruit and, displeased, he responded with a better version. Now every Saturday he makes a limited amount of chocolate-encased fruit that rarely lasts the day.