Paris via Film: Paris Can Wait

Un grand merci to Nancy Fulton for recommending and reviewing the film “Paris Can Wait.”

Anne (Diane Lane) is married to Michael (Alec Baldwin), a successful, preoccupied movie producer. Their daughter has recently been launched into young adulthood and Anne now faces a new stage in life. Unexpected circumstances lead to Jacques (Arnaud Viard), her husband’s business associate, offering to drive her from Cannes to Paris. As they depart in his blue Peugeot, Jacques winsomely says “Let’s pretend we don’t know where we are going or even who we are.”

And so the carefree detour in director Eleanor Coppola’s meandering daydream of a film begins.

The quirky pairing between Jacques, with his inimitable style in the art of living, and Anne’s shy luminosity and knowing ingenuity, create a humorous and romantic dynamic that keeps the viewer guessing. Who knows where shared confidences, automotive mishaps, and asymmetric attitudes toward time will take them?

Food, wine, roses, architecture, summer scenes in Arles, Lyon, and Dijon reawaken Anne’s sense of possibility. Yes, Paris waits, while so much more arrives.

Have you seen Paris Can Wait? What did you think?