Eat Well in Paris

More and more, people are turning to the Internet for restaurant reviews, French taste treats to enjoy at home, and all sorts of food-related resources.

Here are 9 of my faves:

1. Le Relais de l’Entrecote. Dining in Paris with teenage boys? This Paris landmark offers all you can eat. Their specialty, and the only item on the menu, is rib steak with a secret sauce.

2. Geobeats. I love their entire series of Paris videos, but this is perhaps my favorite: how to enjoy a crêpe.

3. Salon du Chocolat. One can never know too much about chocolate, n’est-ce pas?

4. Jim Haynes supper club. The father of Paris dinner parties invites people from around the world to dine chez lui every Sunday evening.

5. At Home with Patricia Wells. Cooking classes, restaurant reviews and more, from notable French cook and guidebook author.

6. Chocolate and Zucchini. Recipes indexed by ingredients, food glossary, conversions, interviews with French chefs, and a humorous series called Draw Me A Fridge.

7. French language lessons. Video lesson on buying fresh fruits and vegetables at the market.

8. Le Panier Francais. Purchase lavender honey, foie gras, Carte Noire coffee, and more.

9. Paris Walks. Fabulous Paris walking tours of market streets, cooking stores, and chocolate tastings.