Moulin Rouge Celebrates its 120th Anniversary

moulin_rougeThe famed Moulin Rouge puts on 2 shows a night, 365 days per year – during which 600,000 spectators enjoy 240,000 bottles of champagne.

Now lovers of nightlife have even more reason to celebrate:  the world-famous cabaret just marked its 120th anniversary.

The Moulin Rouge, with the famous red windmill on its roof, was opened in Paris on October 6, 1889, by Catalan-born showman Joseph Oller. The cabaret has become known as the birthplace of the French cancan, which is still performed there.

Stage productions are lavish, with extravagant costumes, dramatic lighting, and moveable stages.

The cabaret’s current revue, Feerie, has been performed on the Moulin Rouge stage for 10 years.  The show includes dancers, acrobats, magicians and clowns.  While some 150 performers audition at a time, only 3-5 are chosen.

A new revue is expected to be staged by 2012.

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