Cézanne et Paris at Musée du Luxembourg

There are so many block-buster (read overcrowded) art expos in Paris that it’s a treat to see a small show in a small museum. Organized in collaboration with the Petit Palais, and drawing on private collections from around the world, Cézanne et Paris at Musée du Luxembourg is a gem.

Eighty major works are organized thematically, to give an idea of Cezanne’s life in Paris. Dimly lit rooms are dedicated to his friends (among them Zola), compact urban scenes, still lives, and the countryside around Paris, where his new language for rendering landscape began to take shape.

One painting, Les Toits de Paris, has never been shown in public before; another, La Pendule noire, was only shown once, in 1939. The Musée du Luxembourg has its own interesting history. As you climb the steps to the museum, take a minute to look at the superbe bronze doors at the entrance.

Until Feb 26.