Paris Restaurant: Eat Intuition in the 12th

Ethnic influences are an exciting development on the Paris food scene, and Eat Intuition, near the Bastille, is a good example.

Venezuelan chef Isabella Losado has a market-driven tapas menu that includes salmon gravlax with beets (pictured above); delightful button mushrooms with house-made ricotta; spicy beef and pork meatballs on a bed of creamy polenta, and oeuf endiablé — deviled eggs that turn a summer staple into a treat.

Wines by the carafe are from small producers, and fresh pressed fruit juices marry flavors like ginger and passion fruit.

At the end of a springtime Sunday brunch, when the generous slice of flourless chocolate cake, then the coffee (served in small French press pitchers) were gone, we lingered, watching Isabelle move back and forth across her pink-tiled kitchen.

We were grateful for her inspired dishes and filled with newfound appreciation for the melding of two cultures.

Le Square Trousseau in the 12th


Filled with light, brimming with conversation, and boasting a menu that ranges from to eggs benedict to creamy blanquette de veau, Paris restaurant Le Square Trousseau, overlooking the leafy park of the same name, is a delight.

My favorite time to go is midday on the weekend, when groups of friends linger over brunch and wine on the sunny terrasse, and families spoon mousse au chocolat pour 4 onto plates in the lovely Art Nouveau interior.

There is something for everyone: mushroom-stuffed omelettes for vegetarians, steak frites for the kids, decadent eggs benedict with smoked salmon, and seared salmon with kale for pescatarians; plus lamb, veal, chicken and beef that are updated versions of French classics.

Portions are copious, which may make dessert (a nice cheese selection, lemon meringue pie, raspberry millefeuile, lusious chocolate mousse), impossible.

Ambiance is refined yet informal, they have a good wine selection, and servers are dashing in their black and white. Another plus: they have daily, non-stop service.

Have you eaten at Le Square Trousseau? What did you think?

La Maison du Cerf-Volant in the 12th

There’s more to being a kid in Paris than parks and croque-monsieurs. My latest child-friendly find is La Maison du Cerf-Volant, a 12th arrondissement corner shop full of colorful kites.

Single string kites, or monofils are great for beginning flyers and the under-7 set. Their easy-to-fly diamond shapes come in fun animal incarnations—butterfly, octopus, parakeet, panda, ladybug, birds of paradise, fairies, even a frog whose spindly purple legs serve as tails. Flat and weighing next to nothing, they’re packable as well as fun. And at 11-16€, they’re also affordable.

Young flyers with a bit of experience will like the cerf-volant de poche, or pocket kite. Lightweight multicolored baffles catch the wind, and a red tail stabilizes it. As the name suggests, you can take it anywhere.

Two-string Delta stunt kites require a bit of practice; almost a meter in length, their size limits them to taller/older kids.

Feeling sportif? The shop also carries traction kites, buggies and boards for teens and adults (think kite-surfing and kite-boarding), though admittedly, it’s hard to tuck a buggy into your carry-on.

What’s your favorite type of kite?