Restaurant Les Tantes Jeanne in the 18th


I have a new favorite restaurant in Montmartre: Les Tantes Jeanne. With elegant mismatched furniture, pots of tarragon, bay and rosemary flanking the doors, a genuinely warm welcome, and a superb location (a block from the popular market street rue des Abbesses), my first impressions were excellent.

Then came the menu. Though the friend who recommended Les Tantes hadn’t told me, the restaurant specializes in beef. The menu has lots of possibilities and provenances, among them hamburger from Limousine, entrecôte from Argentina, Spain, and Japan, and côtes de boeuf for 2.

I chose from the 2 course 20€ formule, which included a glass of wine, starter and main. First a roquefort salad with peppery greens, walnut halves, creamy, salty blue cheese that melted in my mouth, and a light, mustardy vinaigrette.

Then the daily burger special. While I don’t eat beef often, when I do it’s organic, raised a mile from my house, and I have a hand in raising it. My favorite cut is burger, grilled.

This burger met my expectations in every way. It arrived rare, as I had ordered, topped with caramelized shallots, slices of fresh red onion, ruffles of radichio, and a delicious tomato sauce (if this is the French version of ketchup, I want stock in the company).

It was tender, rich—and, accompanied by the Côtes du Rhône that my server suggested—luscious.

Not a beef eater? No worries. The menu has fish options; vegetarian possibilities include a vegetable platter and a truffle salad.

Another nice surprise: Les Tantes is open daily for lunch and dinner.


Do you have a favorite resto in Montmartre? I’d love to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Les Tantes Jeanne in the 18th

  1. Rosemary? Tarragon? I want to go to les Tantes Jeannes next time I am in Paris :) And not only for the venue and the menu, but also for the delicate powdered perfumes the actual Tantes Jeanne of the 50’s may have left after their passage there. Did you know the connotation for les Tantes Jeanne ? “Tantes Jeanne” was the gentle term given to the sweet ladies who were sharing their sweet charms with the gentle – men. Otherwise said: les Madames. A very famous French singer wrote a song about Les Tantes Jeanne. His name is Gilbert Bécaud. You can hear him here:
    and you can follow the Lyrics here:

    A few phrases from the song …
    <> etc..etc..

    Have fun :) and thank you ParisByDesign !

    1. Oh, this is so much fun, merci beaucoup, Georgette! I loved his performance — so animated — and the lyrics brought a smile to my face. Thank you so much for directing us to this wonderful piece of French culture!

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