Paris Packing Tips

These Paris packing tips come from image consultant Olivia Gorun, at AVIVA STUDIO in Burlington, Vermont 802 658 7592. Olivia grew up in Europe, in a family of tailors and jewelers. I especially love her packing grid!

  • Go w/ small bottles for grooming, use leakproof bags
  • Use a combo of dark and neutrals in outfits
  • Dark : black, navy, mocha brown, olive
  • Light neutrals: taupe, white, ivory, light gray
  • Dark colors are easy to dress up or down
  • Great travel fabrics bounce back after “crushing’’
  • Take light weight wools, matte jersey,crepes, knits, microfibers, lycra(up to 5%) or synthetic blends
  •  Leave high maintenance clothing at home


  1. On a piece of paper make a grid: on the LEFT side list part of an outfit: Outerwear, top, bottom, shoes, undies, accessories, etc
  2. Across the page create a column for all the days you are gone (five columns for 5 days, 10 columns for 10 days), if night activities are different, have an extra column


  • See if you have 3 ways to wear each item, remember to “mix and match.”
  • Do not overpack, NOBODY WILL CARRY YOUR BAGS! Take pieces you are used to wearing.
  • Consider 3 pairs of shoes, and create outfits based on which shoes you want to travel with.
  • You will walk A LOT IN PARIS—think comfy shoes.
  • On departure wear the heaviest shoes on the plane and the thickest jacket (have with you a pair of warm socks, they will serve you well)
  • Carry your jewelry with you, your clothes can be get lost but your favorite jewelry is hard to replace


  • Dark suit (deux-pieces) with matching pants and skirt in light wool
  • A twin sweater set
  • Shirt or nice T shirt, cotton wear for day/// silk for dress up
  • Evening pants chiffon, silk or shimmery
  • Accessories—small scarf around the neck, pretty necklace and earring for dress-up, casual for dress-down, tote for day—you want to shop, right? Small evening bag, dressy shoes for night
  • Smart walking shoes for travel and day time
  • Sunglasses, umbrella, earplugs, eye mask, converter to recharge your camera battery (110/220 V) and a small flashlight.
  • Have a copy of your wardrobe plan in your carry on—it is a good documentation for reimbursement by the airlines
  • Have a copy of your passport with you—keep that separate from the passport itself, leave a copy at home.
  • Get the closest U.S. Consulate number just in case; they are the only ones able to help you in case of international crises.

You can be comfortable and chic, elegant and attractive. And now bon voyage and have a fabulous time!

Merci mille fois, Olivia!

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