Before You Leave for Paris

This Paris To-Do List keeps me organized and eliminates stress as I prepare to travel to Paris.

Once flights are booked:

  • Consider purchasing trip insurance. Any expenses you’ve pre-paid will be reimbursed in case of a change in plans or emergency.
  • Check the US Department of State website for information for travel to Paris and France—from passport and visa requirements to where to find a French Embassy, to travel alerts.
  • If you plan to stay in Paris to work or study, you’ll need a visa. Merci beaucoup to Juliane Rhea for suggesting this resource.

Three to four weeks before:

  • Get house/dog sitter
  • Plan wardrobe and create clothing grid
  • Create my itinerary
  • Buy gifts
  • Arrange airport transfers

One week before:

  • Refill prescriptions
  • Copy credit cards and driver’s license; leave a copy at home, the other goes with me
  • Pay bills
  • Make Paris hair appointment and restaurant reservations
  • Call credit card company and bank
  • Call phone company for international coverage
  • Have mail held

One day before:

  • Confirm flight
  • Back up computer files
  • Pack suitcase
  • Pack food for the plane—fruit, dried fruit, sandwich

In my purse:

• Wallet for Euros, wallet for USD
• Passport
• Plane tix
• Other tix
• Phone
• Business cards

In my computer bag:

  • Computer, powercord, cell phone charger, plug adapter
  • Headphones, mask and neck pillow for plane
  • Itinerary
  • Paris map
  • Umbrella

Safe travels, my friends!

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