Resources for Travel to Paris

I love helping clients in all matters of Paris trip prep and Paris culture! These travel planning resource pages contain a few of my favorite resources and organizational tips. As always, my recommendations are based on my experience. I don’t accept payment to promote products or services.

Getting started

Start planning your trip by choosing your dates. Then book your flights; then arrange lodging. Once that framework is in place, you can start thinking about how to spend time at your destination.

• When is the best time to travel? My favorite months in Paris are May and September, when the weather is warm, the gardens are bounteous, and there are fewer tourists. But your trip dates may be determined by school or work schedules. There is not a bad time of year to be in Paris!

Know your trip goals. Do you want to see and do as much as you can? Relax and people-watch in cafés? What are the major interests you hope to satisfy? Ask each person in your group to identify at least one goal for the trip, and schedule your time accordingly.

Hotel or apartment?  A Paris apartment can offer more space than a comparably priced hotel room. With a kitchen and dining area, you can shop at bakeries, markets, and grocery stores, and return with your string bag full, to eat and drink “at home.” This approach saves money, and immerses you further into French culture.

But — many travelers prefer the service that comes with a hotel. If you rent an apartment you’ll have to pick up after yourself,  hail your own cabs, and make your own dinner reservations. While Paris has not embraced Uber, it has embraced airbnb.