Plan Your Trip To Paris

Where to eat in Paris? Where to sleep? shop? stroll? The answers depend on your interests. Our personalized travel advice, based on your passions, timeframe, pace and budget, assures you get everything you want from your trip.

Details. We can recommend a fabulous apartment, the perfect hotel, reserve tables at a favorite neighborhood bistro; tell you which boutiques are perfect for your 15-year-old, where to listen to jazz, and lay out a picnic beside the Seine. Whether it’s your first time in Paris, or your third, we provide what you need to make your stay extraordinary.

Logistics. We ease logistics with airport transfers, driver-guides, highlighted maps; support you with Paris insider addresses and tips on the culture. We help you deepen your knowledge of Paris with recommendations for private tours of neighborhoods and museums. We also plan travel beyond Paris.

Itineraries. We help you get the most from each day by grouping activities according to location, suggesting the best routes from one activity to the next, and reducing the amount of time you spend waiting in line. Whether you need help ironing out a few details or a comprehensive plan,  we’re here to help!

We even support you when you’re away. If a problem arises while you’re visiting Paris, call us. We’ll help you replace a lost passport, or reorganize your day in the event of a museum strike. We want you to have a fantastic time in Paris!


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The hotel selection was excellent, the location was perfect. The transfers and reservations were all handled like clockwork. Thank you for all your help and expertise. Your planning and arrangements made for a successful and enjoyable vacation for everyone.” Tom P, Morganville


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