Paris with Children—Loving the Louvre


The Louvre is overwhelming to adults, never mind kids! Here are a few suggestions for navigating this wonderful and immense museum.

• Depending on the age and aptitude of your kids, you may or may not want to enter the Louvre. If you do, I suggest choosing a few works to see, and pretending the rest of the museum is across town.

• Outside, admire the Pyramid, sit by the fountains, or take a closer look at the sculpture that adorns the museum.

• Packing a picnic for the Tuileries? Buy food at famed bakery Eric Kayser. Chose from fruit salad, baguette sandwiches, yogurt, and more. Get there early for their amazing white chocolate brioche. 4, rue de l’Echelle, open M-Sat 7am – 8:30 pm.

• At Place André Malraux is one of the city’s newer Métro entrances. This brightly colored assemblage of metal and glass is a good example of the city’s efforts to modernize and revitalize the Métro system. The square here is a fun place to watch street performers and skateboarders.

• Behind La Comédie Française is a wonderful courtyard that contains a controversial sculpture parc designed by Daniel Buren, with gray striped columns of varying height. This area attracts some of the city’s youngest inhabitants. Children race from one end to the other, climb onto the columns, and ply their latest skateboard tricks between the grates. Open daily, dawn til dusk.

• Walk north under the arcades to Le Jardin du Palais-Royal, the most intimate garden in Paris. Surrounded by a palace that once belonged to Cardinal Richelieu—and was for a brief time home to Louis XIV—it draws a mix of people, from toddlers and nannies, to business men on lunch break, to older Parisians who come to feed the birds and enjoy the quiet. There is a sandbox here, at the north end of the park.

• Also at the north end, under the arcades, is Bôites à Musiques – Anna Joliet, a tiny shop that specializes in music boxes. Open M-Sat 10am – 7pm.

Amusez-vous bien! Have fun!

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