Paris via Montreal: Cinemania French Film Festival


Cinemania Film Festival—one of the largest French film festivals in the world—will take place in Montreal Nov 3-13. It’s a fabulous festival, and if you love French film, I highly recommend it.

If you’re interested in attending this year’s festival with a small group of film lovers and film scholars, Rick Winston and Andrea Serota (formerly of the Savoy Theater and the Green Mountain Film Festival), and I will lead 4 days of fabulous film, food and conversation at Cinemania, Nov 3-6.

And we would love to have you join us!

We’ll see 6 films together, discuss them in depth, and meet privately with a Montreal film critic. Rick and Andrea will host a session on the joys of French film, as well as daily pre- and post-film conversations.

All films are subtitled in English, and discussions are in English, but speaking French is an advantage.

As always, the films won’t be announced until two weeks before the festival begins, so we’ll finalize our itinerary once we have the festival schedule. You can see last year’s itinerary here.

Price includes 6 film tickets, including the opening night gala, 2 dinners, and 4 days of stimulating viewing and conversation.

For details and a registration form, click here.

Questions? You can reach me at 802 456-8770, or

Bon cinéma!

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