Paris Book Review: Murder on the Quai

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From regular contributor Betty Guernsey:

Cara Black’s latest Aimée Leduc adventure takes us back in time, a prequel to her previous fifteen books featuring the plucky, stylish and infinitely resourceful Parisienne sleuth.

Murder on the Quai” – in this case, the quai directly beneath the Pont des Invalides – introduces us to the chic, high-rent 8ème arroundissement – the areas around the Champs-Elysées, the Arc de Triomphe, the Place Vendôme, and the Boulevard Haussmann, while continuing to delve into Parisian history (the famous “triangle d’or”, the Old Village of La Roule).

At the same time she reveals fascinating tidbits of Aimée’s personal history: as a premed student at the Sorbonne, moonlighting at her father’s and grandfather’s detective firm; her first meeting with computer sidekick René; and how Miles Davis, her faithful bichon frisé, came into her life.

Mille fois merci, Betty!

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