Paris Book Review, Diane Johnson Trilogy


Mille fois merci to regular contributor Betty Guernsey for recommending three great Paris reads!

Always good for a re-read, summer or otherwise, is Diane Johnson’s classic trilogy of Americans in Paris: Le Divorce, Le Mariage, and L’Affaire, in that order — each an astute and sophisticated commentary on the fallout that occurs when cultures collide.

Johnson is a witty observer not only of Franco-American relations, but of relations between the sexes – a modern-day Edith Wharton – linking her three transatlantic tales with a subtle overlapping of characters that lends an air of fun and familiarity to it all. (Le Divorce, the first and most famous, was made into a movie by James Ivory, with Kate Hudson in the lead, and some fabulous footage of Paris and La Tour Eiffel.)

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  1. Do you often do book reviews? I have a friend who lived in Paris for a few years (whose children went to school with mine at the American School of Paris) who has a YA (Young Adult) romance novel coming out in October–set in Paris, of course!! In case you have any teen-aged readers or followers (or their book-buying mothers are followers!), it’s called “Romancing the Dark in the City of Light,” by Ann Jacobus. I’ve pre-ordered my copy :)

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