Paris Art and Architecture: the Petit Palais


A week from now, my hubby and I will be on a plane for Paris. Although I’ll do some research, it will mostly be a vacation—a leisurely week spent visiting people we love and places that nourish us.

One of our first stops will be the Petit Palais. If you love Paris art and architecture, and haven’t visited, make a note now. This luscious building, created for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, became a museum in 1902. Its architecture and holdings represent the peak of Parisian craftsmanship at the turn of the 20th century.

Some of my favorite details: the gilded entrance gate, designed by architect Charles Girault; the grand gallery, with its floor to ceiling windows; the decorative murals by Albert Besnard, and ceilings by Ferdinand Humbert. I love the winter garden, any time of year.

The permanent collection has both depth and breadth, with works spanning the antiquities, the Renaissance, and the Nabis. My favorite, Camille Alaphilippe’s statue of A Woman with a Monkey (pictured above), is just inside the museum entrance.

Do you know this museum? What do you like most about it?

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  1. Hi my favorite museum in Paris We visit each time we are there .usually twice a year. I Can’t pick one favorite painting,It changes eadh time I think I have chowsen one. Love the inner courtyard!!

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