Outdoor Dining at La Baleine in the Jardin des Plantes


On a hot day in Paris, there’s nothing like a seat on a shaded terrasse.

So on a friend’s recommendation one recent 90º day, I went to the restaurant La Baleine, behind the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in the Jardin des Plantes.

Our table was at the outside edge of a quiet, umbrella filled courtyard. What a treat to be off the street! My lunch of roasted salmon and pureed potatoes, accompanied by a well-chilled rosé was wonderful.

The experience wasn’t perfect, though. The sun invaded our spot as lunch progressed. If I go again on a very hot/sunny day, I’ll reserve, and request a table that’s farther from the sun. Or arrive early (noonish).

Or arrive even later, when my energy is flagging—La Baleine would be a lovely spot to linger over a dessert with a friend at tea-time.

47 rue Cuvier, 5th



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