Resources for Travel to Montreal

Are you thinking about visiting Montreal, but need help getting started? These resource pages contain a few of my favorite resources and organizational tips. As always, my recommendations are based on my experience. I don’t accept payment to promote products or services.

Getting started

Start planning your trip by choosing your dates. Then book flights or train; then arrange lodging. Once that framework is in place, you can start thinking about how to spend time at your destination.

• When is the best time to travel? My favorite months in Montreal are May, June, September, and October. The weather is marvelous, the parks and gardens lovely, and neighborhood cafes buzzing. Montreal in winter is perfect for a restorative getaway — think spa time, ice skating, and fireworks.  The city hosts original and fun festivals all year round.

Know your trip goals. Do you want to see and do as much as you can? Relax and people-watch in cafés? What are your major interests? Ask each person in your group to write down at least one goal for the trip.

Hotel, apartment, or B&B? In Paris, I usually rent an apartment — but in Montreal, I prefer a hotel. Montreal hotel rooms are much larger, for one thing; I’ve had bathrooms the size of a Paris studio! I also really enjoy the international mix of people passing through Montreal. I’ve met fascinating travelers at hotels, who have taught me about Danish culture, Canadian cycling, ethnic food, and more. There is also a well established B&B network in Montreal, run by friendly owners who are eager to share their city.