King of Pastry Takes Residence in the 6th

If you saw the film “Kings of Pastry,” you’ll want to visit Franck Kestener’s new chocolate shop. Kestener became a MOF (a prestigious title certifying that he is one of the best pastry chefs in France) at age 27. Before that, he worked as a pastry chef/chocolatier for Jacques Chirac.

Kestener’s new shop near the Luxembourg Gardens contains chocolate in many forms: filled and unfilled bars, heavenly ganaches and pralines, delicious macaroons – and a surprising cannelé.

The traditional cannelé is a molded, rum-laced cake with a custard center and carmelized outside. Kestener’s version, which he developed for MOF competition, replaces the custard and cake with a dense guimauve, or marshmallow, in intense flavors – raspberry, porcini mushroom, and Japanese citrus.

Dark chocolate enrobes each wonderful piece.

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