Gateaux Thoumieux in the 7th

At Paris pâtisserie Gateaux Thoumieux, the chief passion is cake, in a myriad of forms. The specialty is the Saint Dominique, a rich, tender brioche variation — flat, round, made with honey, and finished with heavy cream, thick cream, and butter. Its simple appearance (the Saint Dominique has no decorative curls or flourishes) belies its satisfying, crumbly sweetness.

Fraisiers and cerisiers are seasonal cream cakes. Traditionally, these pastries are rectangular, with alternating layers of young strawberries or cherries and vanilla cream. The Thommieux version is round, made in a timbale mold, with the fruit forming the outside wall. Gorgeous and dainty, they seem the kind of thing Marie Antoinette would have enjoyed.

The shop’s marble counters are filled with sweet gems, leavened and unleavened, set out on cake plates with ornate pedestals: Araguani chocolate tarte made with a single origin Venezuelan chocolate; glistening baba au rhum; versions of Paris Brest and St Honoré pastries; small meringues.

Located on the chic shopping street rue Saint Dominique, Gateaux Thoumieux is a short walk from the Eiffel Tower, and a wonderful post Tower treat.

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