Behind the Scenes at Paris by Design—Cocooning


My husband Ken and I took the week off between Christmas and New Year’s. We made no plans. We packed no bags. As temperatures in Vermont sank to 0º and below, we hunkered down.

We turned off the wi-fi, filled the wood stove, ate long meals, read, watched movies, played fetch with the dog, and talked. It was heavenly.

I adore exploring new places, tapping into the energy of a vibrant city. And for that I’ll always have Paris.

But there’s much to be said for cocooning in winter. It’s romantic. It’s a great way to catch your breath when you’ve been going all out.

And you can do it anywhere. A few years ago, we retreated to Montreal in February. Industrious Montrealers skied and walked along the Old City’s waterfront; they skated on the frozen St Lawrence River.

We admired their spirit, then handed the keys to our snow-encrusted Subaru to the hotel valet, dug in, slowed down, and relaxed.

Cocooning leaves me feeling rested, it renews my appetite and my resolve. This year I greeted 2014 with anticipation, ready for all the new year promised.

Bonne année à tous! Happy New Year to you!

May your lives—and your getaways—be all that you hope for.



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